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Angelic transmutation
I think I want to get an Asian boy haircut.

My hair is already short and I'm only young once.

What do we think?


My hair is slightly above my shoulders and my shortest layer is ~2.5 inches. I've developed this habit over the past couple days where I just pull all of the short layer forward and it acts as an addition to my bangs... which I also have (have had for about 6 months now).

Hi Nithya!!!

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Angelic transmutation
I would really like to stop getting shot in my dreams.
That would be lovely.

Periacetabular osteotomy is.. tomorrow!
Angelic transmutation
Hey all,

I just realized that I haven't let you guys (Jenny and Nithya... you know who I'm talkin' about) know that my surgery is tomorrow. I'll try to call you both beforehand. If I fail, know that I was thinking about you both.

You know, it's kind of funny because for about a year now, I've had absolutely no idea what to expect. Here I am, hours before the surgery and I finally know what's going on. Not through my doctor's brilliance and communication, but from accounts of random people on the internet.

For anyone who's interested in what's happenining, click on what I've found here (http://www.hipandpelvis.com/patient_education/periace/page1.html) and here (http://basketcat.livejournal.com/?skip=80).

So it sounds like I'm going to have no clue to what's going on for the next 2ish days. It also sounds like I'm getting an epidural and a pain pump [push the button, win the prize ;) ].

Grr... I just realized that not being able to drive is equivalent to not being able to hold down piano pedals.  This makes me sad.

With that, I leave you. Wish me luck!!

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Angelic transmutation
Dear diary,

Today I almost got trampled by stampeding streakers.
And people wonder why I hate Frats/Sororities.

Anyone who is driving in the snow tomorrow: be smart.

Pajama time.

Rattus norvegicus and Don
Angelic transmutation
I am breaking my lj silence to announce..
1) that I have adopted two baby ratties!!
don't say ew. they're cute. and clean, and playful.
they're named Major Wiggles and Loki.
pictures later.

2) i'm in my human anatomy class, and starting last Tuesday I've gotten intimate with Don.
Don is our resident cadaver. I skinned his arm and located his bronchial plexus, along with removing some of his vertebrae.
unfortunately, I did get a little overzealous with the scalpel. I cut through my glove. my glove ended up being my thumb. I bled for about an hour. Don and I are one.

I have a big test on Friday. BCP!!!! Gah!

If I get something that makes me unable to donate my organs (maybe widespread cancer) remind me to donate my body to science.

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Angelic transmutation
What the internet taught me today:

-how to watch all videos in HD on youtube
-how to hack elevators so they don't stop for anyone
-how to hack pop machines
-how to hack google so you direct download anything
-how to hack into security cameras around the world and move them around


Angelic transmutation
I really like the song here--> http://www.imeem.com/dixinfernal10/music/THHJVugG/kanon_wakeshima_still_dollmp3/ (The website too now that I've found it.) That should be working now.

Although I think it's weird that Japanese singers always feel the need to sing in English.
Giving you the heebie jeebies in 3/4 time.

In other news, my MacBook just bit the everlovin' dust.
Now when I turn it on to say, "hi. how's your day going?", it flashes a folder with a ? on it as though to say, "who are you again?"

Good bye school papers for the last two years.
Adios pirated Asian dramas/ anime/ movies.

I'll go rock in a corner now...
A dark corner.
with a cute little spider to console m

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Angelic transmutation
keep running from/ learn to love it?

on the other hand, am I the only one loving the time off/ heat?

it's fun to say Turkish Delight in a British accent.

A note.
Angelic transmutation
My boyfriend makes me happy.


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Angelic transmutation
Ahhhhh!!! I keep getting calls from Asian people!!

Me no speak! Bong chi wah???



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